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Transmission HD SDI – HF without any compression IDX

Full HD 10 bit – Extremely reliable – Hight quality even on calibration screen. Allows to display WaveForm and Vector Scope at a distance. Latency indiscernible.

Transmission HD SDI Wifi Teradek – HF encoding H264

Compact and very light (198 grams) – Clamp V - It enable to receive the Full HD signal on any wifi receiver – Provided with a HDSDI receiver or HDMI for monitor. (It receive also Ipad, Archos, Ipod, Macbook, PC Laptop… - Latency 1/8 seconde.)

Electronic Clap Master & 2X Wireless HF Lockit T/R.

Electronic clap, from master to emitting/receiver HF + two emitting/receiver HF Ultralight and veri compact ( Alexa and Cantar) – The camera and the recording device are constantly locked to the clap - No drifting away possible even from one single image – The constant repetive flash on the emitting device allows a perfect calibration from the clap to the camera – output lemo 5 - synchronisation of the rushes is rapid, reliable and automatic. It can function with multiple cameras.

Emitting & receiver sound HF EW 122P G3 - Sennheiser

433 Mhz – Miniatures – Robust aluminium box. Autonomous – Very good reception diversity – Alim LR6

Emitting & 7 receives sound COMTEK - Emitting M72 - Receive PR-72

Miniatures – Robust Box – Housse individual belt - Autonomous – With Headphones - Alim 9V


Titan HF SD video

transmitter / receiver RF SD video

-10 channels
100-meter range
malnutrition 9 / 36 volts


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