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Claw 300 2575D O'connor

Support up to 60.5 kg
Handle (s) 0 ° & 30 °
claw 300
Tilt +90 ° / -90 °
Head height 21.3 cm off branches
Width 31.5 cm
Depth 21.8 cm
Weight 10.4 kg

Cartoni Head Master

Base Michell – Supplied with handle - contre manche long et contre manche à 90° - Bulle éclairée – Electronic calibration indicator for counter balance and friction settings. Smoothness and counterbalance are exceptional even with a camera of 31 kg…
Remarkable ergonomie

Base LowHat & Hihat

This very low base allows to keep the camera on a stand even very close to the ground. With the combination of the Cartoni head Master and the Michell base, you can be at an extremely low level.

Small and larges titanium branches

This version brings stability and reliability of Ronford's branches combined with Titanium's lightness and durability – Supplied with the Griffe 300 or Bol 120 with Floor Spreader

Ultralight Blu Handle

Trigger with ARRI cable (Fischer 3) – Attach ARRI- Can be mounted directly on the camera’s body. Allows to keep the swivel axe directly below the captor. Made out of carbon, it is ultra light and resistant - All configurations possible -- Unsurpassed confort on the shoulder


Sachtler S18

- Tripod double extension "Speed ​​Lock ® CF" for a rapid implementation
- Against fast and accurate swinging through technology "Speed ​​Balance"
- Triangle adjustable intermediate
- Loads of up to 20kg
- Weight: 9 kg
- Bol: 100mm



Manfrotto Monopod

Total height 164 cm extended
Closed length 55 cm
Total load 12 Kg
Weight 1 Kg


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