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EASYRIG 3 –600n & 700n (medium and small)

The ergonomically designed Easyrig 3 distributes the camera's weight to the hips and legs (which can more easily carry the load), and thereby reduces the static load on the neck and shoulder muscles. While maintaining the speed and mobility of a handheld camera, you can achieve steady shots from various camera levels. It allows you to conveniently shoot from various positions - the shoulder, the hip, or knee level.

Support camera suitable for the weight of the ARRi Alexa.


Ergonomically, the Easyrig reduces the static load on the muscles of the neck and shoulders, and distributed to other body parts that are better able to bear it.

The Easyrig gives you the speed and mobility of a handheld camera.

The Easyrig is ideal for reports, documentaries, commercials, feature films and all the shots where stability and freedom of movement is crucial.

After filming, just fold the Easyrig in his bag designed.

Support for cameras from 10 to 18 kg
Ideal for RED ONE camera and MX ALEXA


The Mantis

the solution of the most configurable camera shoulder and innovative cameras for digital cinema.

Fully compatible with the Red and the Scarlett and Epic.


* Interface dovetail allows quick installation, 20 seconds Tripod for hands
* Multi axis adjustment allows the shoulder al s adapt to any shoulder
* Two axis (rotation) of adjustable shoulder
* Front / rear adjustable
* Designed specifically for Arriflex bridge plate style hybrid (435, Arricam, Moviecam, Phantom, etc.)
* Telescopic and rotating handle extensions
* Handles and extensions using Arriflex rosettes compatible
* Mount point for VIEWFACTOR Origo remote start / stop

Ideal for RED ONE camera and MX ALEXA

Lightweight blue handles

Trigger integrated with cable ARRI (Fischer 3)
Diaphragm or focus command by integrated thumb wheel (Lemo 4)
Compatible with Zoom BUZ command- ARRI rosettes
Can be assembled directly on the camera’s body
Preserve the handles’ axis of pivot directly above the sensor - Carbon.


It's a textile garment which is peanut-shaped, filled with polystyrene beads, fastened in the back with a scratch and supported by two adjustable straps. This buoy helps relieve the back during long sequence shots (best working position, improving muscle tension, better stability). This buoy is unisex and is fully adjustable for each one.


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